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david gemmel

mad devil gem

john grisham

horns jag him

helen fielding

define gin hell

craig thomas

got charisma

minette walters

master new title

catherine cookson

no a shock erection

patricia scanlan

is carnal captain

barbara erskine

ask brain bearer

jackie collins

clinical jokes

virginia andrews

arid raving swine

stephen king

hes pink gent

gloria naylor

loony rag liar

tom robbins

snort bimbo

james baldwin

main lewd jabs

patrick obrien

baritone prick

alastair maclean

i am a satan caller

thomas ligotti

to limit a ghost

ellen gilchrist

still lechering

irving wallace

crawling alive

carol shields

scholar idles

leslie marmon silko

loser makes million

morris west

worst miser

antony and cleopatra

actor annoyed a plant

lady macbeth

my bald cheat

the tragedy of macbeth

crafty behemoth gated

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