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French Food Anagrams

Browse 23 anagrams and scramble related to the French Food terminology and jargon.

piperadea red pipeRate it:
salade nicoisea sale decisionRate it:
steak tartarea take starterRate it:
french beanschefs bannerRate it:
salade nicoiseciao sad senileRate it:
salade moucladedead casual moleRate it:
blanquette de veaudebate queen vaultRate it:
escargotsget oscarsRate it:
pear and hazlenut flanhalf nude tarzan panelRate it:
gratin dauphinoishas audio printingRate it:
french breadher franc bedRate it:
quiche lorrainei core harlequinRate it:
croissantsi crass snotRate it:
foie grasi sa forgeRate it:
salade nicoisei sealed casinoRate it:
salade nicoiseis a clones ideaRate it:
salade nicoiseisaac needs oilRate it:
red onion galettesoldest generationRate it:
hors doeuvreours hoveredRate it:
gratin dauphinoispushing radiationRate it:
camembert frittersremember fit tractsRate it:
garlic musselssalesgirl scumRate it:
golden cheese puffsscoffed huge spleenRate it:

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