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Criminals Anagrams

Browse 19 anagrams and scrambles related to the Criminals terminology and jargon.

carl gugasiana cingular gasRate it:
reggie kraya key riggerRate it:
albert spaggiarias bigger partialRate it:
ted bundybend dutyRate it:
albert desalvoblasted a loverRate it:
charles mansoncharmless anonRate it:
jack the rippercheap jerk tripRate it:
anthony curciochina or countyRate it:
george hennardgangrened heroRate it:
jeffrey dahmerher jam fry feedRate it:
david berkowitzi ok wizard tv bedRate it:
ian bradyin bra dayRate it:
peter sutcliffeits perfect fuelRate it:
myra hindleylaid my henryRate it:
carlo gambinomain bag colorRate it:
carlo gambinono magical robRate it:
al caponeon palaceRate it:
carl gugasianus racial gangRate it:
lee harvey oswaldwho slay revealedRate it:

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