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WWYSWatch What You Say is the correct definition usually notated by #WWYS
vaginaA warm, tastey, hole that female homosapians use to manipulate, control and cost male homosapians all different types of currency
QQQQQQ also know as 3Q its pronunciation in putonghua is similar to ‘thank you’. Mostly used in online discussion and gaming platform.
FITFoundation Information Technology
FPay Respects To Someone
ALPEAcedemically Loyal Prime Evalulator
TPATen pin alley
BECAPOWhen you are stuko and extremely drunk
CSSTCorresponding Sides of Similar Triangles
EMARSSHEurope Middle East Asia realignment of Routes South of Himalayas
ICRSI Can't Remember S&*t
ICYEInter city yearly express
689nickname for the city's chief executive Leung Chun-ying
RHYSReally Heavily Yodelling Soviet
RHYSreally heavy young slav
LIGHT GIVINGThe giving of light.
ORTROn Road To Recovery
SUYB !Show Us Your Boobs
P6MProbably means "Past 6 Months".
HMTHead Mounted Tablet
WASWeb Accessibility Specialist
CPWACertified Professional in Web Accessibility
CPACCCertified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies
APDAuto Property Damage

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