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World Leaders Anagrams

Browse 21 anagrams and scrambles related to the World Leaders terminology and jargon.

adolf hitlera dirt of hellRate it:
georges washingtona ghost seeing wrongRate it:
georges washingtona song seeing growthRate it:
ronald reaganarranged loanRate it:
donald trumpdrum and plotRate it:
george bushhe bugs goreRate it:
george w bushhub goes grewRate it:
martin brain mulroneyi run my bar in montrealRate it:
jean marie le penjeer a penile manRate it:
james madisonjoin made massRate it:
pope john paul the secondloon epoch just happenedRate it:
ronald reaganno radar angleRate it:
president boris yeltsinone isnt terribly pissedRate it:
augusto pinochetone top us cia thugRate it:
hillary clintononly i can thrillRate it:
david cameronrandom adviceRate it:
emmanuel macronroman camel menuRate it:
president assadsad pedestriansRate it:
president clinton of the usato copulate he finds internsRate it:
vladimir putinvirtual mind ipRate it:
georges washingtonwho greetings a songRate it:

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