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SHAKAITShakait-technologies is my Brand name. But Shakait is derived from my home town Saki. People called me Shakait since my Polytechnic days. Shakait is my preferred name. Most people didn't no my real name. With time, I changed the name to The Biggest Shakait (TBS)
TTSCThai Thai Sansar Che [Gujarati sentence] . English translation It happens , happens because its worldly life
AI5LEAisle 5, AISLE 5, Aisle Five, AISLE FIVE
LSHIFOMDJKIDHADBIIDINIWLaughing so hard I fell of my dinosaur just kidding I don't have a dinosaur but if I did I'd name it Wilbert.
MONGROMoney Grow. #QueenDanielleLane
ACTIAmerican combustion technology industry
BJSlang word for a fellatio (blowjob or blow job).
FASIANfake or failure asian
DJSDubin Johnson syndrome
BITE THE BAITThe tactic of goading others into making uncivil comments is common. Avoid the temptation to get in the last word as you're under no obligation to react to their goading. It is polite to reply to the first inquiry or two, but then you are free to end the discussion at any point if you feel further exchanges serve no useful purpose. So “Don't Bite The Bait”
MECHANIC SHOPAn automobile repair shop (also known as a garage) is a repair shop where automobiles are repaired by auto mechanics and technicians.
J KESEHAT MELAYUJurnal Kesehatan Melayu
NETCOMNational education teaching commission
AHANApparently it means one who is one with nature of time technically it is shared with people of Hindu beliefs since it originally from India.
PS-ECCPS-ECC is an electronic image-based check clearing solution
COMOColonels management office
COMOConsistently Overcoming maintenance obstacles
VOPvision of peace
GFEDCBAGirl Forgets Everything Done, Catchs (new) Boys Again
N/AThe monies owed for alimony and child support by the obligee stated in a Judgement were found to be $ N/A.
DPUDon’t pop up
laughing your ass offLaughing kinda hard till your ass falls off.

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